Fundición inyectada

Fundición inyectada

Fundición inyectada (5)

El moldeo por inyección es una técnica muy popular para la fabricación de artículos muy diferentes.

INDUSTRIAS DOJE, S.L.  In addition to being an expert castor of all kinds of pieces, it has the patent of the DOUBLE COIN KEYRINGS , an advertising article completely customizable with its logo or drawing with a unique and hand-enameled finish.

You’ll always have the coin available, and now with opener included.


A great keyring with the European patent, if you need to carry out an advertising campaign, a practical gift to your customers, ... Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can make a quote without any commitment and at the best price.


You can download the complete catalog from HERE - DOWNLOAD KEYRING CATALOG.


INDUSTRIAS DOJE, S.L. has the patent for the CLEVY 4 FUNCTIONS keychains, a fully customizable advertising article with its logo or drawing with a unique finish that has the quality to perform four functions that we will now describe:


Of course his first function is none other than KEYCHAIN ​​to carry your keys.



BOTTLE OPENER, You can easily open any bottle with a metal cap



Lift ring (Nail protection) Lift coin + get ring inside Get coin down + pull open (Anti-cutting system


Trolley COIN.

This fantastic keychain is the Rolls Royce of the keychains, if you need to carry out an advertising campaign, a practical gift to your customers, ... Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can make a quote without any commitment and at the best price.

You can download the complete catalog from HERE - DOWNLOAD KEYRING CATALOG..


It is well known that Industrias Doje, S.L. injection die casting covers a wide range of sectors, such as: advertising, automotive, cosmetics, lighting, locksmithery, hardware, bath accessories, gas, fittings for furniture, costume jewelery, hand tools, ...

As will be known Sedesma Inyectados, S.L., has been declared in voluntary competition. Industrias Doje has acquired part of the molds in order to continue with the publicity work they have been doing so far: Keyrings, pins, badges, badges, magnets, bracelets, medals, coins, accessories, figures, pendants, bottle opener, stickers , paper hangers, paperweights, sculptures ...

We want to take this opportunity to show you that we are at your disposal to help you and advise you on the creation of new parts. For this reason, we will collaborate in solving your doubts and needs.


1. Natural and environmentally sound

Zinc is a part of the cycle of nature, and can be reused. Zinc melting point is low compared to most other materials. Thus the energy consumption when die casting zinc is reduced.

2. Great creativity

Die casted zinc meets the demand for creativity in the construction and design process. Several parts can be integrated into one common casted part. Self lubricating characteristics of the zinc alloy is used to avoid the use of lubrication bearings. For the benefit of total costs.

3. Surface finish advantages

A lot of surface coating options are available in order to add more attractive aesthetic and functional characteristics to the zinc parts.

4. Low price

Long lasting durable zinc die casting moulds and fully automated production keeps the costs down.

5. Strong characteristics

Die casted zinc parts have a high mechanical strength, elasticity and impact ductility. Often die casted zinc parts are a better choice than for example parts in aluminium, plastic or milled parts.

6. Reduced weight

Zinc is heavier than aluminium and magnesium, an advantage if you need a heavier component such as a lamp support. On the other hand die casted zinc parts can be optimized, and the weight reduced considerably – without affecting the strength and complexity.

7. Precise and complex

Die casted zinc can have very small wall thickness, and very narrow tolerances make it possible to cast parts ready for installation of bearings. Precise and very small details can be included in the casting – even in complex geometries.

8. Good conductive abilities

Die casted zinc has good electric and heat-conducting characteristics. An advantage if you have a high demand for heat transfer, but have limited space, as example in LED lighting systems.

9. Sound absorbing

Die casted zinc is sound absorbing therefore it is used for mechanics with movable parts, chains or the like. As example in remote window control systems, where noise should be minimized.

10. Protection shield

Die casted zinc has built in EMC protection. The shielding properties are optimal compared to traditional metal sheet solutions.

source: linimatic

As a fabrication process, die casting is notable for its capacity to manufacture parts with a high degree of uniformity, close design accuracy, and quality surface finishes. In many cases, die casting can reduce or eliminate the need for post-production machining, raising the cost-efficiency of the process and shortening fabrication time. While it may be difficult to die cast sturdier metals, such as certain grades of steel, there are many other types of alloys well-suited for die casting methods.