Products - Technology, Quality and Satisfaction

Products - Technology, Quality and Satisfaction

Industrias DOJE specializes in all kinds of small and medium castings, from drawings or samples, in zinc and aluminium. Its current market covers sectors which include pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics, metal fixtures for furniture, metalwork, locksmithing, domestic appliances, lighting, bicycles, machine tools, etc.

DOJE has cold chamber machines from 70 to 160 tons, and hot chamber machines from 7.5 to 125 tons.

Pieces are supplied partially or completely finished, according to the client's wishes. Advice is also given on all dies and necessary materials.

Industrias Doje has molds with the aim of manufacturing products related to advertising: Keyrings, pins, badges, badges, magnets, bracelets, medals, coins, accessories, figures, pendants, bottle openers, stickers, hangers, paperweights, sculptures ... etc.

From here you can see the catalog of advertising products that we offer for the advertising sector.

You can also access our catalog of accessories and components for the manufacture of lighting devices of the IRILUR Brand, in ZAMAK injected:
Columns, bridges, collars, handles, hooks, washers, deliverymen, large number of arms, bases for table lamps, etc.

We also want to take advantage of this to show you that we are at your disposal to help and advise you in the creation of new pieces. For this reason, we will collaborate in solving your doubts and needs.

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