Optimized design of molds for injection molding and sustainable

Optimized design of molds for injection molding and sustainable

Curso diseño de moldes para fundicion inyectada
Curso diseño de moldes para fundicion inyectada tecnalia

Advanced course organized by TEDFUN

On February 19 DOJE INDUSTRIES , SL He attended the course Advanced Course Design Injection Mold held in Zaragoza organized by TEDFUN and counted with the participation of TECNALIA and company analysis and simulation . The course , aimed at Heads of Production, Quality Technical Staff , Technical Office , production or maintenance was primarily aimed at advanced training for mold design non-ferrous die casting , based on a case study simulation for a piece of aluminum injected.

It was attended by 28 professionals from the foundry sector including DOJE INDUSTRIES , SL. All meeting professionals expressed their positive opinion about the course content, trainers and organization of the day .

Intensive training in mold design results in a better understanding of the process and the properties of the parts obtained . With all this , it is possible to optimize the details that affect the bottom line: feeding system, partition lines , geometry and design of the filling channels , shrinkage, thermal cycles , mold cooling , etc.

The optimal design of injection molds allows direct access to the global improvement of the process and in this way it is possible to increase the life of the mold , advancing their depreciation and reducing the cost per part produced . Moreover , improved thermal management of the process is specified in a reduction in overall energy consumption due to reduced quality defects related to inadequate operating temperatures , increasing the sustainability of the process and respect for the environment.

TEDFUN, Technical and Development Spanish Pressure Die Casting Association currently has 28 partners and 16 Partners Foundry Partners and among its activities the organization of advanced training courses for member companies.

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