New closed arms for luminaire in zinc

New closed arms for luminaire in zamak

IRILUR S. L. - Lamps and accessories for lamps, has once again put its trust in us to create and merge their new closed arms for luminaire in zamak. After months of work we can say that their new design is ready to be added to IRILUR`s catalog of products.

Unlike the majority of companies of lamps or accessories for lamps, IRILUR S. L. takes you from the years 80 using the zinc alloy "zamak", applied with success to manufacture their lighting products, obtaining forms and geometries not possible with other materials with the exception of the plastics, And by another dramatic improvements of surface finish due to its dimensional stability and smoothness to the obtainable in the surfaces, by deleting processes of filing and polishing that fatally entered, in the brass castings and bronze, and to a lesser proportion in the bilberry, controllable little variations of the originally projected forms (especially in edges and curves of small radio). This protection is obtained either with organic coatings (paints, varnishes, lacquers and enamels) or by electrolytic coatings that, in the brasses are generally of nickel and chrome, and in the case of zamak tend to be copper-nickel-chrome.

Neither must we forget the possibility that has the zamak, like the other metals and certain plastics, coatings to incorporate the tribology of PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) or of PECVD (enhaced Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition) or The most recent on the basis of nickel alloys and tungsten, which in certain cases are substituting or substituted for the coatings to electrolytic nickel base and chrome that, among the other characteristics do not affect the environment or the health.

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