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Foundry under pressure, a system of effective and well-designed diet provides a proper filling of the room, health room corresponding to the specifications of the client and does not degrade some mold elements (collage, erosion) while providing a time cycle and minimum downtime (TRS). Various tools exist to make possible the more optimized design and require a minimum of development and changes during initial testing of mold production.

Role of the feeding system

A supply system must:

  • To evacuate air from the cavity as far as possible
  • Easy to fill all areas of rooms
  • Able to transmit the pressure multiplication (P3) massive areas or sensitive
  • Completing parts (multi-cavity cluster) in the same manner

Design rules

  • Length of the longest possible attack (for permetttre a short filling time and avoid excessive speed attack)
  • Have massive attacks near areas
  • Limit the number of attacks (not contiguous) each to prevent uncontrolled flow of metal
  • Thickness sufficient to transmit P3 attack while ensuring easy cutting
  • Avoid attacking in front of small pin uncooled (collage) close attacks casting particular
  • Adapt sections of attacks in different areas to fill
  • Ensure sprayed attacks flow to disperse the best porosities


  • Experience feedback (REX) and know-how on previous designs
  • A business tool (Salsa 3D, developed by IWTC and sold by sold by ESI)
  • Numerical simulation of filling (in-house or outsourced). IWTC performs many optimizations initials or by numerical simulation of mold designs for the founders and principals.

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