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    Aluminium and Zinc Injection Die Casting

    Please send us a drawing or a sample and we will have a budget of what it would cost manufacture of parts and the mold. In addition to count on our advice at all times. As well you can see how with the highest quality you can save money.

  • Make a green choice
    Make a green choice

    Choosing zinc is to make a green choice

    Zinc can be reused time after time without deterioration. Zinc also has a very low melting temperature (400-415 degrees), which compared to other metals consumes less energy in production.

  • ISO 9001:2008 standard for quality

    As a testament to our commitment to quality and ongoing improvement, DOJE holds the ISO-9001.2008 quality standard. This fact reflects DOJE's complete reliability, and guarantees the collaboration of highly qualified professionals with ample experience in the sector.

Always with the customer

Bringing all our knowledge.

Our clients trust us to help with our expertise in injection molding to create new pieces of zamak and aluminium..

Current market

All sectors.

We cover the fields of pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics, furniture fittings, metalwork, hardware, appliances, lighting, bicycle, machine tools,...


Reliability and warranty.

DOJE Industries has followed a strict policy whose main objective is the constant quality improvement, and service level offered to its customers.

Aluminium and Zinc (zamak) Injection Die Casting

INDUSTRIAS DOJE, S.L. specializes in the manufacture of aluminium and zinc castings. It has a vast experience which guarantees its clients the best quality pieces.

We cover a whole range of sectors including: lighting, locksmithing, ironmongery, metal fittings for furniture and hand tools, advertising, ...

Our aim is to become sector leaders in the production of small and medium castings. As a result, our operation is centred on customer satisfaction and on-going improvement.

INDUSTRIAS DOJE, S.L. is capable of providing through its business partners the best finishes, textured and Visual effects sophisticated to their pieces in zamak and aluminium with metallic effects such as silver, gold or stainless steel; textured smooth or rough; coating machines for different...This type of finish enhances the characteristics of physical and chemical resistance of the part in question, as well as improve their appearance by applying color.