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Expertos fundidores. Nuestros clientes confían en nosotros. Ya que colaboramos con nuestros conocimientos en fundición inyectada y en la creación de nuevas piezas de zamak y aluminio..

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Árticulos de zamak. Suministra las piezas, de conformidad con los deseos del cliente, parcial ó totalmente terminadas y asesora sobre todos los moldes y útiles necesarios.

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Artículos relacionados con el aluminio. Suministra las piezas, de conformidad con los deseos del cliente, parcial ó totalmente terminadas y asesora sobre todos los moldes y útiles necesarios.

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Fundición inyectada

Fundición inyectada (5)

El moldeo por inyección es una técnica muy popular para la fabricación de artículos muy diferentes.

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Anodizing of aluminum (or anodic oxidation) is an electrolytic surface treatment can produce a thin protective surface layer and passive microporous alumina (Al2O3) a few tens of microns. The aluminum foundry alloys can all be anodizing treatment.

anodisation_principe_1 MEB_anodisation
Principle anodizing SEM anodized layer

What is anodizing?
The functions of anodization are:
- Decoration (many colors)
- The mechanical protection against corrosion, wear (hardness)
- The hanging before painting (not clogged deposit)
- The electrically insulating protective

poign_e_anodis_ luminaire_aluminium_anodis_
Handle anodized anodized Lighting

Types of anodizing
There are several types of anodizing:
- Anodizing "hard" in a bath of sulfuric acid (100 microns)
- Chromic Anodizing (a few microns)
- Sulfuric anodizing (10 to 20 microns)

Anodizing decoration (or decorative) can bring a superficial coloration of the aluminum part with pigments (many colors available).

The anodizable alloys
Alloys containing silicon (Al Si family) can be anodization of protection, but are not recommended for decorative anodizing. A high silicon content has a tendency to give a grayish hue. Al MG10 transformed into die casting, provides multiple color decorative anodizing. Al and Al Si2MgTi Mg3Ti (gravity die casting) produce highly decorative colors.

Subset in anodized aluminum pressure

Different thicknesses are achievable anodizing (5 to 50 microns) and depend on the function of the room.

Anodizing operation
The anodizing process consists of a series of bathroom (followed by intermediate rinsing) to prepare a first surface, a second oxide to produce a third color for the potential and the last to stabilize.

"Specification hard-anodized aluminum and alloys" ISO 10074


Among the upcoming Days 01 to October 04, 2013 on the premises of the Bilbao Exhibition Centre in the city of Bilbao, is being held, the fair interpresarial outsourcing and Cooperation "Outsourcing 2013 Bilbao" is the only sector International Fair in Spain and a Top of Europe.

This year will be given appointment Doje Industries with the best companies and professionals where we will show our latest developments and innovations.

For this reason, we invite you to visit us at our booth that will be located in Hall 1, E37.

If you are interested in visiting, I remind you that you have at your fingertips the registration form for easy access to the fair.

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Zinc formed in die casting is used in many industries ranging from automotive to electronics through the building. Le zinc transformé en fonderie sous pression offre de nombreux avantages (précision dimensionnelle, revêtement de surface, résistance mécanique importante, grande série économique, ...) Zinc die casting turned into many advantages (dimensional accuracy, surface coating, high mechanical strength, high economic series, ...)

Friday, 07 June 2013

Surely you've ever been curious question or the difference between the different metals used for casting. Which has the highest hardness, What is the most elastic metal?, What are its physical properties?, ...

To put aside any doubts or questions, here you can download a very complete table where you can compare all the metal (zinc alloys, aluminum alloys, magnesium, brass, steel and plastic) in all its aspects, starting with the mechanical properties (yield strength, resistance to tensile strength, impact strength, ...), hardness, physical properties (density, conductivity, resistance, heat, ...) output data (minimum thickness wall, mold life, range of the production speed, ...).



Thursday, 16 May 2013

La posibilidad de tratamientos superficiales en las piezas fabricadas en aleaciones de Zinc son múltiples, permitiendo obtener una gran variedad de presentaciones y aspectos decorativos.

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