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Expertos fundidores. Nuestros clientes confían en nosotros. Ya que colaboramos con nuestros conocimientos en fundición inyectada y en la creación de nuevas piezas de zamak y aluminio..

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Zamak (12)

Árticulos de zamak. Suministra las piezas, de conformidad con los deseos del cliente, parcial ó totalmente terminadas y asesora sobre todos los moldes y útiles necesarios.

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Aluminio (5)

Artículos relacionados con el aluminio. Suministra las piezas, de conformidad con los deseos del cliente, parcial ó totalmente terminadas y asesora sobre todos los moldes y útiles necesarios.

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Actualidad de Industrias Doje S.L. - fundición inyectada de zamak y aluminio

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Fundición inyectada

Fundición inyectada (5)

El moldeo por inyección es una técnica muy popular para la fabricación de artículos muy diferentes.

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As a fabrication process, die casting is notable for its capacity to manufacture parts with a high degree of uniformity, close design accuracy, and quality surface finishes. In many cases, die casting can reduce or eliminate the need for post-production machining, raising the cost-efficiency of the process and shortening fabrication time. While it may be difficult to die cast sturdier metals, such as certain grades of steel, there are many other types of alloys well-suited for die casting methods.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Advanced course organized by TEDFUN

On February 19 DOJE INDUSTRIES , SL He attended the course Advanced Course Design Injection Mold held in Zaragoza organized by TEDFUN and counted with the participation of TECNALIA and company analysis and simulation . The course , aimed at Heads of Production, Quality Technical Staff , Technical Office , production or maintenance was primarily aimed at advanced training for mold design non-ferrous die casting , based on a case study simulation for a piece of aluminum injected.

DOJE INDUSTRIES S. L. , wishes to thank all the visitors that have come to our booth at SUBCONTRATACIÓN 2015 (Bilbao) the days 26, 27, 28,  and October 29 and have been interested by our services consists of cast Zamak and aluminum.

We would also like to thank all our customers for letting us share some of their pieces of zamak and aluminum, and also by his visit.

For those who want more information on industries DOJE S. L. , will leave you this link where you can download a Power Point presentation of our activity focused on the production of parts by injection in aluminum alloys and Zamak.

Download presentation 1.8mb

 stand doje

Among the upcoming Days 26th to May 29th, 2013 on the premises of the Bilbao Exhibition Centre in the city of Bilbao, is being held, the fair interpresarial outsourcing and Cooperation "Outsourcing 2015 Bilbao" is the only sector International Fair in Spain and a Top of Europe.

This year will be given appointment Doje Industries with the best companies and professionals where we will show our latest developments and innovations.

For this reason, we invite you to visit us at our booth that will be located in Hall 5, F37.

If you are interested in visiting, I remind you that you have at your fingertips the registration form for easy access to the fair.

Access to the free registration form

Thursday, 09 April 2015

Zinc alloys foundry under pressure are the most common zamak zamak 3 and 5. They are transformed into hot chamber die casting. Other alloys with higher aluminum content (ZA8, ZA12, ZA27, ...) are much less used.


Zamak alloyZamak 2Zamak 3Zamak 5ZA 8ZA12ZA27
Designation ZP0430 ZP0400 ZP0410 ZP0810 ZP1110 ZP2720
Standard ZP2 ZP3 ZP5 ZP8 ZP12 ZP27
Symbol ZnAl4Cu3 ZnAl4 ZnAl4Cu1 ZnAl8Cu1    

Former name:

The former name was zinc alloys:

ItemZamak 2Zamak 3Zamak 5ZA 8ZA12
France Z-A4U3 Z-A4 Z-A4U1 Z-A8U1  
UK   Alliage A Alliage B    
Germany Z430 Z400 Z410    
Italy ZnAlCu3 G-G-ZnAl4 G-ZnAl4Cu1 G-ZnAl8Cu1 G-ZnAl11Cu1

Terms zamak 3, Zamak 5 ZA8, ZA12 and ZA27 are very commonly used worldwide in both Europe and the US. The name zinc alloys (foundry under pressure) is more "standardized" global than that of aluminum alloys (Al Si9Cu3 A380 in Europe and the USA). Probably due to a greater historical age of the industrial use of zinc alloys.

Functional properties

Zamak alloyZamak 2Zamak 3Zamak 5ZA 8
Standard ZL2 ZL3 ZL5 ZL8
Symbol ZnAl4Cu3 ZnAl4 ZnAl4Cu1 ZnAl8Cu1
Density 6.8 6.7 6.7 6.3
Interval 379-389 382-387 379-388 375-404
Conductivity 119 113 110 115
Coeff dil 2.7.8 27.4 27.4 23.2
Cond IACS 25 27 26 27.7
Young mod 119 113 110 115
Rm (MPa) 355 330 355 370
Rp0.2 (MPa) 270 200 250 220
Fatigue 60 56 60 100

(*) Coefficient of thermal expansion (.mu.m / mK)
CThermal conductivity (W / mK)
Rm - Tensile strength (MPa)
Rp0.2 - Yield strength (MPa)
Fatigue Fatigue resistance (10 cycles E8 MPa)

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